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How Does a Gas Furnace Work?

A furnace is a device designed to heat a home or other building. A gas furnace is one that burns gaseous fuel such as natural gas or propane. If your home has a gas furnace, you may be curious about how it actually works.

  • 2 Jul 2017

New Air Conditioning and Air Cleaning Protecting the Environment and Saving Energy

With the serious problems affecting our environment today, many people are wondering how they can control the temperature of their indoor environments without continuing to deplete the natural environment. Air conditioners have long been a source of environmental pollution with the prolonged use of damaging artificial refrigerants that wreak havoc on our delicate atmosphere.

  • 8 Jul 2017
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23 Jun 2017
Posted By Pedro F.

Benefits of Woodstoves

With oil prices soaring daily, and no price-gouging rest in sight; many homeowners are looking for alternatives to home heating to stave off the blustery winter this year. Oil, electric, propane...Who can afford it? Enter the time-honored ingenuity of woodstoves. Wood stoves have been efficiently heating homes since-seemingly-the beginning of time, with one of the most base natural elements there is, wood.
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